Been there done that…

So, after 72 hours since my call for ideas, I’ve got around 57 usable suggestions for my new-thing-a-day quest.  I am very grateful for those of you that have submitted, and for those of you that haven’t, please go eat a dog-shit sandwich (make that 58 usable ideas) at your earliest convenience.  Some were submitted through the comment board, some via email, and some were spawned through conversation. I thought I should write a list of some things that have been suggested that have I have already done in this lifetime, as well as some others so that those of you that are busy thinking of ideas will know what kind of animal you are dealing with. Check out the list below.

-Made guacamole-Rode a Vespa-Tutored a child-Visited a nursing home-  Played sudoku-went skydiving-Participated in a turtle race-Met someone from Baghdad, KY- Wet my pants as an adult-Gone braless-Grilled a pizza-Had surgery-Went hang-gliding-Eaten foie-gras-Hiked-Had braces-Travelled out of the country-Started a business-Ridden in a helicopter-Given an interview-Written a story-Delivered mail-Dance a traditional Indian dance-Played in a euchre league-Gambled-Started a blog-Written an autobiography-

 So, keep ’em coming, guys!  Only 24 more days until my first new thing!


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