#1- Magic Potion

My friend Kateri suggested that I make a Bloody Mary for my first “new thing.” Having both a penchant for binge drinking and a history of the Sunday blues, I have already been the mixmaster of one of these fine beverages. I liked the idea of starting the new year with a festive cocktail, so I put a twist on her idea to make it workable. Alas, my first new thing of the year:

I infused vodka.

I searched wide and far for just the right infuser. I found this recipe and decided to use sun-dried tomatoes as the subject. Runners up included bacon, black pepper and jalepeno.

I put about 4 sun-dried tomatoes each in two small airtight canisters. I purchased a small bottle of Absolut Vodka and filled the canisters with the vodka. I placed the jars in a dark cupboard and let science work its magic for roughly 24 hours. I was stunned when I checked on it to find it had become almost an opaque brown. I then followed the recipe and enjoyed the tasty infusion. Not only did it taste delightful, but it made me forget that as of midnight tonight, vacation is officially over.

Fun factor: 5


2 Comments Add yours

  1. cookinghussy says:

    Woo hoo! Infused vodka sounds awesome. I want pictures!

  2. She-Doggs says:

    That sounds pretty good. I had never heard of infusing the vodka. I don’t think the bacon sounds so great, though.
    I had a bit of a hankering for a Mimosa this morning when I saw a guy at the grocery store with OJ and Champagne.

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