#2- Eat your heart out Charlie Trotter

Living with a culinary student isn’t the best recipe for making one feel domestic in the kitchen.  I am someone who really likes things perfect when it comes to entertaining, gift giving, etc…, so the fact that I wasn’t a great cook was irritating.  About a year ago, right around the time I discovered the meaning of life, I had a revelation that I was okay with the fact that I am not a perfect cook.  I now mostly cook appetizers and follow recipes, which has proven to be completely fulfilling. 

Yesterday I decided to make an elaborate breakfast of french toast, bacon and fruit to go along with my Bloody Mary (see new thing #1).  I used one of Wolfgang Puck’s recipes and submitted it to my friend who has a cooking blog.   She has taken guest chefs before and it has become a bit of an arms race to get a post on her glamorous site.   Consider it done.   My new thing for January 2nd: 

I became a guest chef on a food blog.

Check it out here. 

Fun Factor: 8
P.S. I promise the remaining 363 entries will not all be food/drink related!  Probably only about 349.


One Comment Add yours

  1. She-Doggs says:

    This breakfast looks so tasty. I’ll have a bite of that next time I visit.

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