#5- His 15 minutes

As I was enjoying a few oat sodas on Saturday at McGee’s, talking to some of my peers, a staff member approached us to sign up for a free party.  Most things like this I would ignore, but at McGee’s they really mean it.  If you put down your information, you WILL win a free happy hour party.  So, we humored the man and wrote down our info.  I think I was the only loser that put my actual real information, but that’s besides the point.   The only thing that is relevant to the “new thing” is the man who is asking us to sign.  Blair insisted that he was Ashley Parker from the band O-Town.  She was being very persistent, going as far as forcing him to sign his autograph on our arms, thus my new thing for the day:

I had my arm signed by a celebrity* look-alike.

Fun factor: 7

*I use the term celebrity in its loosest form.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Donnie Darko says:

    you’re stretching here!

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