#6- I had egg on my face

So, I’ve always thought it would be fun to do homemade facials out of natural ingredients.  I surfed Wikihow and found the simplest one, as I was too tired to deal with lots of ingredients.  Next thing I know:

 I’m applying an egg facial. 

Quite simply, I separated a raw egg , putting the white and the yolk into two bowls.  I then applied the egg white all over my face, avoiding my eyes and mouth, and let that set for 15 minutes.  I then added the yolk to my face, leaving the egg white ON my face, forming a double layer of egg.  I left this on for an additional 15 minutes and then cleaned off the mixture with warm water.  My face felt really tight when the mixture was on and I must say looked glowing after I took it off.

 The result? I have an appointment with Elite today at 4:00.  Wish me luck!

 Fun Factor: 8


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