#7- Noteworthy

In small circles, I like to refer to myself as the hardest working lazy person out there.  I have 4 jobs and now have added school to my repertoire, yet, it literally pains me to get up and get a glass of water once I’m seated (and by seated I mean slothfully laying down).  My friend Katie jokes that if I see someone about to sit down she can see the panic on my face as I yelp out, “Wait, can you please get me a napkin!$$%#” 

The above characteristic makes it difficult to sometimes follow through on ideas.  For instance, Nick and I dined at Custom House on New Year’s Eve.  We were treated so nicely by all of the staff members, one in particular, and the food was amazing.  So, we kept saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice to send a handwritten note to the owner saying what great service Gion gave us and how nice it was to start out our year here?”  People just don’t do that anymore.  Cut to me daydreaming a scene where I’m writing an ode to Gion with a quill ink pen on card-stock-quality paper as Yanni is lightly playing in the background.   Normally this would never happen, per the lazy factor, but yet again, this blog is making me a more productive person if for no other reason than I can’t bear to let my 8,000 readers down.

In real life, we used a Paper by Shea card and a Sharpie fine point to:

Write a hand-written note to a stranger’s boss, complimenting him.

Now if I see Gion cruising around town in a Rolls, I’m going to orchestrate a note-writing campaign to yours truly. 

 Fun Factor: 7


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  1. Frank says:

    I think this is one of the nicest things that a person can do when they feel like a response is warranted, for whatever the reason.
    People should be aware of just how powerful a thank- you note, or card, can be for the person receiving it. It validates their talent, energizes their outlook,improves their mood, and reinforces that what they do has a made a difference in someone’s life. I commend you for your attempt to substantiate your server’s value to the owner. Who knows how this simple gesture will impact his life? I hope others will follow your thoughtful lead and make their own personal statement when the situation deems it necessary. Thanks for thinking of others!

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