#8- Hi Ho Yuma

Although open-minded in life, I tend to be very close-minded with movie selections.  I can usually tell from a preview if I would enjoy the movie or not.  And Horror, Action, and any Martin Lawrence movies all tend to repulse me.  Western, too, was in that category until yesterday! 

I watched a western movie.

I honestly had never watched a Western.  Last night I snuggled up to a cream puff and viewed 3:10 to Yuma.  Movie buffs may argue that it’s not a true Western movie (I don’t know this, but for some reason, I feel like the movie needs to be filmed before the year of 1970 to be called a Western- is that weird?). 

I LOVED the movie and will try to be more open minded in the future regarding such selections.  Although, Christian Bale may have had a large influence on the enjoyment level.

Fun Factor: 8


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  1. She-Doggs says:

    Thanks for the review, Miss Pet. I have been wanting to see this very same movie, not for Christian Bale but b/c I very much like Mr. Russell Crowe.

  2. jc says:

    i have this on my hd and haven’t watched it..might have to try it tonight.

    still can’t belive you didn’t like No Country…, i’m checking out There Will Be Blood tomorrow and that’s supposed to be the whip!

  3. jc says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    that’s hilarious!

  4. brad says:

    Next genre to sample…horror. I will start you off with the one of the greatest cult horror films of ALL TIME…”The Evil Dead 2.” No need to start with the first one. Written, directed and produced by Sam Ramii in 1980.

    “Sam Ramii is a Cinematic genius.” -Jack Black in High Fidelity.

  5. film guy says:

    3:10 to yuma was the best western i can remember seeing in years

  6. Bomber says:

    told ya so…

  7. Bomber says:

    oh…and you have seen a Western…Brokeback Mountain was our favorite movie in ’06…

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