#18- Going forward, I only answer to Madame Curator

I have recently added to my duties at work. Since January 1, I have taken over the coordination of the art gallery that lives at my place of employment. It’s a fairly small, but nice space that exhibits work from professional artists in and around the Chicagoland area. The first of four annual shows was installed on January 7, and the reception to formerly introduce the show was on Friday night. So:

I planned and hosted a professional art reception.

After 4 trips to get food (1 to get the food and 3 to go back and get the food and materials I forgot on the previous trips), a last-minute frantic paint job by our wonderful maintenance crew and lots of detailed set-up, I learned a few things on my first gig.

1. Finger-nail polish remover will easily remove stickered labels from the front of a frame.
2. Windex will not easily remove labels from frames.
3. All artists would appreciate being included on the price list.


Fun Factor: 10


One Comment Add yours

  1. Bomber says:

    What’s the date for the next show? I need to mark that down in my calendar!

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