#23- Open Mic Night Coming Soon

Today I am resentful of living in Chicago.  Most people would agree that it’s fun here half the time.  The winter blows, the summer is sweet.  I have written a couple of pieces to describe how I feel today, thus my new thing for today:

I wrote a haiku poem.

 I Want To Kill You

 Oh City of Chicago

 When You Snow Like So

After I wrote the first one, I realized I was placing blame on the wrong party, so I made right and drafted this next gem. 

Oh Mother Nature

You Are Indeed A Whore-bag

Please Stop This Cold Now

I’m sure those skeptical readers (ahem, Emily) might post hateful comments that insinuate that I must have written a haiku in third grade as part of my compulsory education.  I have asthma and allergies.  I was absent a lot.

 Fun Factor: 8 (more points because the spell-check corrected “whorebag” to      “whore-bag”)


6 thoughts on “#23- Open Mic Night Coming Soon

  1. Please stop typing Frank
    Beginning to freak me
    Get your own blog soon

    On second thought…..

    Keep typing comments
    It’s the most I’ve heard from you
    Since “dolls, make something……”

    🙂 Keep up the good work Shea and Frank! 🙂

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