#24- My Secret Is Safe… with Millions!*

A few years ago a couple of people told me about a website that is fun to peruse when you’re looking for a quick break. It was started as a project by the person who runs it, and it has since turned into a phenomenon with a large following, book deals, and exhibits across the nation. The idea behind it is that anyone can send in a postcard that contains a secret they’ve been harboring. Sometimes they are light-hearted and hilarious, other times they are dark and disturbing. It’s therapeutic to the sender, and it’s interesting and often times inspiring or comforting to the readers. The post card is usually decorated with a picture or illustration that ties into the secret. I love the idea of this and the fact that no one will ever know who it came from except for me. So:

I sent in a secret to PostSecret.

I know they post every week, but I’m not sure what the filtration process is for posting the cards. I will keep looking for mine though! And no, I’m not secretly a baby’s mama, nor have I ever been attracted to goats.

Fun Factor: 8

*Not sure if the readership/following is in the millions, but I know a hell of a lot of people read it.


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  1. Cirre says:

    OH MY G! I have the book of all the compiled entries….it’s awesome and sad at the same time. There are some serious weirdos out there….you and me included Cugs.

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