#25- Position Barf Bag

#70 bus headed east.

I just witnessed a girl pluck several hairs from her head, examine the hairs, proceed to FLOSS HER TEETH with three of them, and then throw them on the floor of the bus. In public. So, today:

I watched someone floss with human hair.

Then the broad had the audacity to grip the bus door as lightly as possible, as not to make contact with any gross foreign bodies.

Does anyone know a good therapist?

Fun Factor: 0


2 Comments Add yours

  1. She-Doggs says:

    Therapist?? For her or you? ? You must surely guard against some type of PTSD..having witnessed such a crass thing will surely have some negative lasting effect.
    Aside from that, I do NOT believe that human hair could hold up under the strain of such activity, even in triplicate as you describe.
    Absolutely nuts!

  2. Alina Terlep says:


    This is quite possibly the most DISGUSTING thing that I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you puked right on her!!!!!

    PS, Jack just told me about the blog and BOY AM I GLAD SHE DID! 🙂

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