#55- Would you consider a paper mache moosehead essential?

If you’ve read this blog or know me personally, and you are not addicted to crack, then you have probably come to terms with the fact that I will never be your financial adviser.  I have as well.  

And if you worship follow Oprah’s philosophy, you have heard her say many times that if you want to buy something, you should wait a few days to make sure it’s not an impulse buy.  I bet Oprah waited a few days before buying her 8th home.  Just to make sure it was necessaryIt doesn’t inspire me to take advice from a zillionaire, but a lovely blog that I read gave me this tip (#5), so:

   I made a 30-day list for purchases.

The way it works is that you buy only essentials and pay bills, and any other purchase you want to make goes on the list.  The idea is that you will most likely lose the urge to have that item after 30 days.  Here is my list so far: 30-day-list.pdf

I am going to try to stick to this.  I have a vacation coming up, so I won’t follow it during those times, as I doubt 30 vodka tonics can be defined as essential. 

 P.S. The blog that I linked to on this post is beyond helpful and inspirational.  It is a dude that writes (most often daily) tips on how to simplify your life.  He has created such a following that he was able to quit his job and blog full time.  I will put it on my blogroll.  You should peruse it. 

Fun factor: 7


#54- Beauty is in the eyelash of the beholder

Avid Out With The Old! blog reader and cat-lover, Julie, from Ohio, wrote in to suggest I apply a lash primer before applying mascara. She included the encouraging sentiment of “you won’t believe how great it works.”  I headed to Benjamin Moore and they had just sold their last tube, so next I ventured to Sephora and purchased this tube.  I could barely keep from sharting myself at the thought of looking like this after the application of such a recommend.   

So, today, during my grueling daily 12-minute beauty regimen, I went for it and:


                 I applied eyelash primer.

Picture below of me with no eye make-up.


Picture below of same eye with mascara and the primer.


Try to ignore the lighting differences, and focus on the eyelashes. So, what do you think?  Should I send Julie my receipt for reimbursement or should I update my profile picture on e-Harmony?

Fun factor: 8

#52- Descendants of both Picasso and Einstein

If you have spent any quality time reading the comments on this blog that you crazy readers post, then perhaps you are familiar with the bizarre psyche of my father, Frank.  When I was home this past weekend, I noticed something pinned above the computer on a cork board that I assumed was a drawing etched by my 5-year-old nephew, as he is quite the artist.  I was told this was, rather, the end product of an effort made by Frank.  I was so blown away by the complexities of his massive dome that I needed to replicate his creation.  So, yesterday:

               I drew a face out of a word. 

See final image here.

Can you see the word?

If not, check out the intricate and fascinating process here: process.pdf

Fun factor: 4

#51- And *POOF* I was unimpressed

I went home this weekend, which means lots of QT with my family, including my nephew (5) and nieces (almost 3 and 1.5).  They are the kind of little kids you want to take a bite out of and eat their chubby little arms for a pretend mid-day snack.  Among many other hilarious encounters:

                 I went to a magic show.

I have never been to an adult magic show, so I was glad to have the opportunity to ease into the mysterious world through the eyes of a child.  However, I have adult eyes.  And they clearly illustrated that this magician sucked.  Most of his “tricks” were done by holding up 8×10 cards and saying some dumb bullshit that didn’t even make sense.   He slightly redeemed himself at the end with an invisible canary bit, however I will not be renewing my season tickets to that library series for next year. 

Fun factor: 10 (b/c it’s always fun hanging out with cutie-pies)

#50- June Cleaver could have accomplished so much more…

**Disclaimer:  If reenacted, this new thing will be best suited for family-types and those with severe OCD. 

There are so many steps to making a home meal happen.  1. Hungry belly.  2. Think of something to eat.  3a.  Watch many taped episodes of food network, er, I mean, 3b. Figure out how to make it.  4. See what ingredients you have.  5.  Shop for missing ingredients. 

I found a free site that is helpful in this process.  You can search tons of recipes and add them to a weekly food calendar/planner.  The best part is, when you select the recipes, it automatically generates a detailed grocery list for you.  Score.  So,

           I started using an online menu planning/grocery shopping thing.

I don’t think I’ll become dependent on this site, but I think it will be good to use when I have people in town or know that I’ll be eating at home a lot during a given week.  Most of the recipes I viewed weren’t terribly innovative.

p.s. This week is turning out to be a lot of online stuff; my best advice would be to get over it.

Fun factor: 6

#49- Casual Friday is so 2007

Some people are pants shoppers.  I am a shirt/dress consumer.  I can’t get enough.  I find shopping for pants boring.  Because of this I average buying one pair of jeans every two years and wear them until they are unacceptable by society’s standards.  I won’t even get into my “work” pants situation- it’s mortifying.  Now, after this fascinating explanation, and I’m no mathematician, but I’ve noticed that I tend to experience a shortage of pants in my wardrobe.  Some days creativity is necessary, so today:

             I wore pajamas to work.


This is a nightgown I bought at Anthropologie.  I coupled it with brown boots and a brown turtleneck sweater and rendered it an outfit suitable for public viewing.   

I call it: Laura Ingalls minus the future drug addiction. 

Fun factor: 7