#29- Beauty School Drop-out

I’ve been feeling pale and nasty lately and was feeling desperate for some sort of beauty treatment. So,

I made homeade body scrub/exfoliant.


Directions to make your own body scrub:
-2 cups of grapeseed oil
-1 teaspoon (or less) of essential oil (I used lemon, but you can pick from so many such as lavender, orange, etc…)
-1.5 cups sugar

Stir well until it becomes like a paste. Apply to body in shower (I avoided using this on my face, although i suppose it wouldn’t do a terrible amount of damage), and scrub in with a damp cloth. Rinse. You will feel like you have a film of oil even after rinsing, but this will disappear when you dry off. Proceed to feel like a sucker for paying $22 at Origins for the same scrub.

Fun factor: 8


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