#37- i is reel dum i ghess

Could it be that my parents have been lying to me for the past two and a half decades? I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for my laundry to dry next door, and I’ve got some time to kill. So,

I took an online IQ test.

The results would indicate that I’m no where near as smart as I thought. This is just great. See you later. I’m going to go smoke some cigs at the gas station.

Fun factor: 5


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    I know we told you ,that when Kelly was a mere infant, we paid cash for her to a couple that was performing in a traveling circus from the USSR. I guess it’s time for a confession. It wasn’t Kelly, it was you. While we hoped that the end result would be “more nurture than nature,” I’m sure that even a few fibers of the original DNA made their impact(hence the IQ test results). I still find you to be a pleasant person!This information might help explain the inner feeling you’ve had all these years to walk a tightrope sixty feet in the air ,carrying a 20 foot pole, without a net. My advice: Go for it.
    I know I said I wouldn’t comment anymore, but I felt I had to in this case.

  2. sheryl says:

    i ner sed u waz smurt:i jest can’t get oer the fact
    that u dun’t hav a wurshing misheen!!;./

  3. Loyster says:

    great….now sheryl thinks she’s funny. let the competition begin…..

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