#38- NOT IN MY BACK YARD, Mr./Mrs. Ticket Person!

Today I took a suggestion from my cousin and:

         I fed empty parking meters.

The anus-heads that are in charge of street parking in this city have placed parking meters along a major street near my work location that previously had few to no meters.  I don’t drive, but I know it became a huge pain for those of my co-workers that do, as they now need to remember to run out to the street every two hours if they have to resort to parking there.  I had to run to the post office during lunch, and I had many quarters in my jacket, so I used the rule of 15 minutes or less, and I inserted quarters into those meters that fit the description.  Hopefully someone avoided a ticket.

Dear Karma,

If you’ll be so kind as to repay me by either (a) making it possible to be outside without losing feeling in my lower body or (b) re-establishing the Pizza Hut that was closed down near my apartment late last summer.

Fun factor: 7


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jonboy says:

    I love it. This is your best idea yet. So, was it gratifying knowing you were helping someone out without them knowing it? Think about the relief they felt when they realized they had 15 more minutes to figure out a way to spend their rent money or what to do now that they have soiled themselves from the anxiety of another parking ticket…Your a true humanitarian…

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