#39- Frozen Assets

I haven’t really stopped spending money since Christmas time, and desperate times call for desperate measures, so tonight:

I froze my credit cards.

Before, in happier times:

After. Dignity. Gone.

I read about this on a random blog, but I can no longer find the site. Sorry random blog. In any event, the trick is, you freeze your credit cards and if you see a purchase you must have, you have to wait for the cards to thaw out before you can buy. I chose to freeze my Best Buy and J.Crew cards. You’re probably wondering how I’m going to sustain life without those two essential tools. I’m currently pondering that same fate.

Fun factor: 4


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Loyster says:

    What will you do without a new Solid silk Elizabeth halter for $88.00 from the new arrival collection?

  2. cogsy says:

    Good question.

  3. Or you can just be like Katie (Johnson) Brown and memorize your credit card numbers. That way, you aren’t actually using the cards (in a physical sense). This came in handy when one Ryan Brown confiscated various cards from KJ (the more noteworthy were Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret and J. Crew). Yet, there are still items of clothing appearing in her closet from said establishments…hmm.

  4. cogsy says:

    That’s very clever. Very clever, indeed.

  5. JeJe says:

    I’m wondering if you and Kelly are really sisters?? You’re freezing your credit cards, she randomly leaves hers in coat/pants pockets and doesn’t have them when she needs them (gas fill-ups on snowy days, etc). You have a JCrew credit card, she doesn’t shop (EVER). Hmmm….I’m just wondering if you have different mothers??

  6. cogsy says:

    That’s a good question, JeJe. According to my verbose father, I was adopted from circus nomads. So, perhaps that’s why the disconnect occurs.

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