#40- Yummy.

 If you’re like me, you spend a considerable amount of time surfing the internet, and while doing so, say things like, “…ooh!  Sweet idea.  I’m totally going to do that this weekend…” or “Oh, Mindy would just love that argyle dog sweater.”  The time comes to do the thing or buy the sweater, and you have NO IDEA where the site was or how you got there.  Finally I have an easy way to organize it all, because:

Today I started using del.icio.us

It’s a free website/program that allows you to “tag” a page or entry of a page and organize it how you wish.  For example, I am going to make categories like “DIY”, “Decor”, “Clothing”, and “Events.”  You do need to sign up, but after that you have your own page that you can bookmark and visit as often as you like.

I’m very pumped.

Fun Factor: 8


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