Ask and you shall receive…

A lot of people flooded my inbox with requests for my list. And by a lot I mean my sister. Enjoy.
Clearly there was no rhyme or reason to my madness.

100 Things to do before I die:

1. Go on a safari
2. Go to Asia
3. Go to Australia
4. Kiss the Blarney Stone
5. Dress up frilly at the Kentucky Derby
6. Own property
7. Meet a celebrity
8. Sing karaoke
9. Grow herbs
10. Learn sign language
11. Make a pot with a spinning wheel
12. Write a fan letter
13. Make my own font
14. Sell Paper by Shea at a store
15. Make power bars
16. Ride a rickshaw
17. Be a “regular” at a bar or restaurant
18. Drive across the country
19. Go to a vineyard
20. Participate in an adult sports league
21. Learn to tie a bowtie
22. Go on a cruise
23. Run a long race (10 miles or more)
24. Wear red lipstick
25. Travel to all 50 US States
26. Swim with dolphins
27. Go whale watching
28. Have a knockout body
29. Own a boat
30. Scuba dive
31. Take photography classes
32. Run a Bed & Breakfast
33. Make a fire the old-school way
34. Make sushi
35. Learn to sew
36. Learn to knit
37. Become a locavore
38. Travel to all of the continents
39. Get my makeup done at a department store counter
40. Have tea at the Drake
41. Climb a mountain
42. See an opera
43. Jump in a pool fully clothed
44. Walk into a room and get a standing ovation
45. Go Christmas caroling
46. Cook through an entire cookbook
47. Buy stock (other than 401K)
48. Bet on a horse race
49. Take a pilates class
50. Wear a wig out in public
51. Host a wine and cheese party
52. Tour a brewery
53. Learn stick shift
54. Negotiate for a higher salary
55. Bake a pie
56. Wear hair extensions
57. Mildy learn how to create a website
58. Be in a focus group
59. Do a blind taste-test
60. Go to a progressive dinner
61. Ride on a motorcycle
62. Filet a fish
63. Play roulette
64. Experience weightlessness
65. Write a will
66. Go kayaking
67. Send a message in a bottle
68. Take a hardhat tour
69. Renovate a room
70. Have a hanging pot rack
71. Have a random penpal
72. Pull an all-nighter
73. Go to a professional fashion show
74. Stay in a penthouse
75. Marry someone I can’t live without
76. Wear a beekeeper uniform and harvest honey
77. Buy a one-of-a-kind piece of art
78. Attend a movie screening
79. Take a hot-air balloon ride
80. Learn self-defense
81. Create a cocktail recipe
82. Brew my own beer
83. Ride on an elephant
84. Take a dance class
85. Shower in a waterfall
86. Eat vegan for a day
87. Make sure everyone who counts knows I love them
88. Catch a foul ball or home run at a game
89. Get a sandwich named after me
90. Call someone out for crop dusting
91. Give a really great speech
92. Make amends
93. Love my job
94. Test drive a really sweet car
95. Prevent a regret
96. Find a four leaf clover
97. Play beach volleyball
98. Tell someone off. Who deserves it.
99. Give someone a major wedgie
100. Be at peace


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Quinn says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Peter Quinn

  2. Frank says:

    The key to getting these things done is to carry the list with you at all times, if possible. Numbers 17 and 29 seem to be the same. If you want to plan ahead you could probably get #’s 19,43,69 done while visiting home this summer. You have some nice aspirations on the list. Good Luck!

  3. shedoggs says:

    Re: #85….Is the shath described in previous posts now not enough?

  4. Lindsay says:

    Here is for 15.
    Build your own nutrition bars by choosing your ingredients and watch the nutrition facts pop up as you pick.
    Where: Online at

  5. pbades says:

    you know people pee on the Blarney Stone right?

  6. sheryl says:

    a rickshaw? oh my god that’s hysterical

  7. cogsy says:

    @ Peter – Sorry to respond to this late, but your comment was originally caught by spam. Good to have you on board!

  8. Julie says:


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