#44- The Fat Lady, Did, Indeed, Sing.

I’m guessing last night you peons enjoyed a game of darts at your local tavern? Perhaps got in a round of Call of Duty 12? Us high-society types prefer to spend our leisure time with more sophisticated endeavors, so last night:

I went to an Opera.

In truth I thought I’d enjoy it much more so than I actually did. We had great seats, very close to the stage, so I expected to be blown away by the vocals on these folks. Of course, they were great, but it didn’t match my preconceived notions of an opera. The Lyric Opera House was gorgeous, and I’m so glad I went, but overall it was just okay. I will try to see another in my life to compare/contrast. Notice #42 has been checked off the list. Aw yeah, just like dat.

Fun factor: 7


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  1. Gloria Fisher-Abbott-Bardwell says:

    Was it one of those operas with a fat girl in a blonde braid wig…with armor and horns on her head? Or was it one of those Korean operas Jeffrey and I love so much.

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