#46- I believe in fair trade

Some files are just too obese to send via an email attachment, and until now I had no idea how to overcome this. Techie friend JC solved that, so for the first time:

I traded albums online using sendspace.

In the exchange, I got the soundtrack to the movie Once. If you haven’t seen it, please do. Now. A few months ago I purchased the soundtrack of High School Musical 2 for my nephew and nieces. Serendipitously, that’s the album JC was looking to add.

Fun factor: 8


10 thoughts on “#46- I believe in fair trade

  1. So what your telling me that nothing in this blog is real…….good to know. I actually feel better about a lot of these stories now….especially the towel art and the Lady and the Tramp bit.

  2. If you’re having trouble discerning fact from fiction, I suggest you head to my comedy classes. Tuesday nights- the first session is free.

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