#48- Kind of like a lifeline, only more important.

It’s rather psychotic, my obsession with blogs.  I read decorating, DIY, craft, food, life, and fetish blogs on a daily basis.  Just seeing if you actally read the lame content of this blog.  I’ve been looking for a way to store these sites aside from marking them as favorites so that I can streamline the process of accessing them, to make time for other activities.  Like finding more blogs.

Lucky for me, there is a free and easy to use site that allows me to organize my beloved babies, and it even alerts me when a new entry has been posted.  Because I NEED that information immediately after the author has pressed “publish.”    Or I will die.  So my new thing for today:

              I signed up for Bloglines.

All you do is sign up, and it’s a matter of pressing “add,” and then cutting and pasting the address of your blogs into a box.  When a new post has been made, it looks similar to a gmail alert in that it will show, for example:

Out With The Old (1)

Fun factor: 10


9 thoughts on “#48- Kind of like a lifeline, only more important.

  1. No, the header actually says, “Kind of a like a lifeline, only more important.” It’s okay, the bold font sometimes throws people off. Oh, and I forgot to congratulate you on your new job as Director of Technology for Microsoft. Well done!

  2. In response to Frank’s posting (can I do that?)-In my family, VLS would have said something like this: “If you don’t quit graba$$ing, I’m gonna pull this car over and….

  3. This is getting to be the Walton’s partyline,I just
    worry that you’re getting bogged down by all your blogs…..Goodnite Jim-Bob.

  4. I think that last “Frank” comment was actually Sheryl. She couldn’t get the email address to switch over.

    Just making sure the lady gets her shout-out to the Walton family…..

  5. Perhaps you should contact the creators of these services you are giving free advertisement too — perhaps you can work out a situation where you get compensated for your efforts.

    Also, I think the Coughlin family should start a blog. Better yet, write a book. Now THAT’S some good reads!

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