#52- Descendants of both Picasso and Einstein

If you have spent any quality time reading the comments on this blog that you crazy readers post, then perhaps you are familiar with the bizarre psyche of my father, Frank.  When I was home this past weekend, I noticed something pinned above the computer on a cork board that I assumed was a drawing etched by my 5-year-old nephew, as he is quite the artist.  I was told this was, rather, the end product of an effort made by Frank.  I was so blown away by the complexities of his massive dome that I needed to replicate his creation.  So, yesterday:

               I drew a face out of a word. 

See final image here.

Can you see the word?

If not, check out the intricate and fascinating process here: process.pdf

Fun factor: 4


One Comment Add yours

  1. jfrank1529 says:

    I see a lot of genious in your work…

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