#54- Beauty is in the eyelash of the beholder

Avid Out With The Old! blog reader and cat-lover, Julie, from Ohio, wrote in to suggest I apply a lash primer before applying mascara. She included the encouraging sentiment of “you won’t believe how great it works.”  I headed to Benjamin Moore and they had just sold their last tube, so next I ventured to Sephora and purchased this tube.  I could barely keep from sharting myself at the thought of looking like this after the application of such a recommend.   

So, today, during my grueling daily 12-minute beauty regimen, I went for it and:


                 I applied eyelash primer.

Picture below of me with no eye make-up.


Picture below of same eye with mascara and the primer.


Try to ignore the lighting differences, and focus on the eyelashes. So, what do you think?  Should I send Julie my receipt for reimbursement or should I update my profile picture on e-Harmony?

Fun factor: 8


6 thoughts on “#54- Beauty is in the eyelash of the beholder

  1. Funny because I recently discovered lash primer and think it’s the greatest invention in the entire world. I won’t go without it again. You don’t seem convinced. Maybe you should try the brand I use.

  2. i’ve always admired your commitment to your eyelash curler – i would stick with your typical, flawless routine. the picture looks amazing, but i’ve always loved how your eyelashes look with the usual curler and mascara routine.

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