#74- Romancing myself

I thought I’d spice up my simple lunch on this rainy day, so:

I had a candle-lit lunch.

The apartment seemed empty and depressing on this dismal Thursday. Since the Feds have given the official word that spring and summer are, in fact, never coming, I thought I’d better start thinking of cozy little activities to blog about for the rest of the year. I ate toast topped with peanut butter, honey, and slivered almonds, and had a cup of hot green tea to drink. This was fun.

Lonely lunch:


Sophisticated affair:


Fun factor: 8


#73- Anyone know a good belt-clip guy?

I have this bad habit of losing my cell phone. I’ve had three in the past 6 months- a feat of which I am not proud.

[Cue my parents and sister posting belittling comments after reading this]

In any event, it happened again this weekend sometime in the 4 hours between standing in line to board the airplane home from Vegas and landing in Chicago. So, rather than fork over $200 for a new phone that I will lose while walking from my living room to the kitchen sometime in the next three weeks, I reactivated an old one. This proved to be a terrible solution, as I had forgotten the reason the old phone was out of commission was because it doesn’t take a charger.


So, I currently have an activated toy phone that won’t charge. I’m much too lazy to go to the Sprint store twice in one week, so an alternative solution was necessary.

I used Skype to make a phone call.

I called Johanna and we chatted about sustainable agriculture and rescuing puppies. The sound was clear, and if she had a webcam, we would have been able to chat while looking at one another. Signing up is free- you just have to download the application (took 5 minutes). They also give you your first call free, but make sure it’s to someone who you know will answer. (I called Nick and his voice mail picked up and it counted as my free call).

Fun factor: 8

#72- Sincerely, Awesome.

For those of you who loved this post, but were too cheap to drop the $9, no fear.  I have found a very abridged (and free) quick fix to this obsession, because today:

          I created an electronic signature. 

You can do it too, here.  It took me less than a minute.  Going forward, I will use this to sign all of my fan mail in the hopes of curbing the aggressive case of carpal tunnel I have developed from doing so manually. 



Fun factor: 7

#71- Christmas in March

I took part in a random gift swap. 

This is the kind of thing you too can do if you search blogs for days on end without breaking for sleep.  I got home from Vegas and my package was waiting cutely and patiently for me.  I was paired up with Suze from PA.  And boy am I glad I got her as a partner.  Everything she gave me was adorable, fun, and useful.

The spread below:


My favorite items:


Most thougtful items:


For once, my internet addiction has brought me something other than premature wrinkles and strained retinae. 

Here are the items I put in her package. 

Thanks Suze!
Fun factor: 10+

#70- Trunk Show


I bought a piece of art.

The painting was from the most recent show on display at the gallery outside of the offices where I work.  Since January 7th, the day of the installation, I have been coveting this piece. Today the artist picked up his work and offered me a deal. Now I will spend the next few days locating the perfect spot to showcase it…

Painting below. It’s rather large- (about 4’x3′).  Isn’t she lovely?


Fun factor: 10

#69- What happens in Vegas goes on the blog.

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend and had a blast. I imagined there would be many new things for me to conquer. I planned to play roulette and shoot a gun, but in the end did neither. Instead, I spent quality time in a freezer drinking vodka. So:

              I sipped vodka in a freezer.

We stayed at Mandalay Bay, which has a Russian-themed vodka bar on its premises. There you can step into the mysterious freezer room to sip vodka while wearing heavy coats and hats if you pay the hefty price tag attached to the bottles of expensive vodka. Or you have one of your friends flirt with the chumps who are about to go in.


Thanks to the gorgeous Lindsay, below, for making this dream come true.


Fun factor: 10

#68- When life hands you lemons, clean your microwave.

I cleaned my microwave using a lemon.
Photo of microwave before cleaning below. I am fairly certain no one has ever shit-socked the microwave, although the photo would indicate otherwise.
The materials used are below. I thought it would be nice to use a bowl made for holding popcorn as the object to hold the lemon juice, adding a subtle level of irony to the project.
After cleaning:
See riveting step by step instructions here.
When I do these new things, I prefer it when they yield positive results, mostly so they appear less lame. I think the author of the Wikihow post exaggerated just a bit when h/she said, “Grab a soft dishcloth and wipe that microwave out with unparalleled ease.” Firstly, my microwave is positioned on a cart very low to the ground, so it wasn’t with much ease that I bended my fatass down to even begin the project. Secondly, the splattered crap glued to the walls of the microwave did not wipe off as easily as I had hoped.  I gave up when my legs started to cramp.
Fun factor: 4