#57- The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

I am home sick today, which sucks, but it does allow me to catch up on some home business. Folks, brace yourselves, because:

I willingly cancelled my cable television service.

Of course there have been gaps in my life where I have gone without cable. Like the first few weeks of living in a new apartment, while I waited for the first available appointment for installation. Those were very stressful weeks. I like watching TV. A lot. I don’t just aimlessly surf the channels and settle for whatever is on. I am not that big of a loser. Instead, I devote myself to a portfolio of rivoting shows and follow their regular schedules. I have even found terrible shows that surface when it’s not “TV season.” So, during those spring/summer months when the rest of the world is excited for warm weather and grilling season, I remain dedicated to the tube. Below is a list of shows I follow, broken up into various categories:

Those that I would admit to in public:
-Project Runway
-Top Chef
-The Office
-Curb Your Enthusiasm
-Tell Me You Love Me

Those that put me into the category of “addiction”:
-Barefoot Contessa
-American Idol
-Gossip Girl
-Real Housewives of the OC
-Desperate Housewives
-Dancing with the Stars
-Dinner Impossible
-Hell’s Kitchen

Admitting the following shows is my first step to recovery. Please don’t read these names aloud:
-Survivor (Yes, Nick and I are THE two viewers that still watch)
-Big Brother (No, it’s not opposite day)
-Young and the Restless (Praise the Lord, this is on a major network, so it can remain my lunchtime staple activity)

For those of you that know Nick and I, please check in mid-week to make sure we are still breathing.

Fun Factor: 0


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Halls says:

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Karen Halls

  2. mindbodymadness says:

    I bet you would have liked Millionaire Matchmaker. I just started watching and it’s awesome. God help me, I wish I could cancel my cable too, but my roommate won’t let me.

  3. Johanna says:

    Has hell frozen over? Nick gave up sodies for lent AND you guys have kicked cable to the curb? I will for sure check in mid-week.

  4. Roush says:


    shea coughlin has been abducted by aliens…call the cops!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I truely feel bad for you.

  6. cogsy says:

    I have watched MM, Boozey. I could not continue because that woman really needs to cut her bangs.

  7. Abby says:

    i’m thinking i might love all of your tv favs and i have about 20 more shows for you to throw in the mix – all of which can be viewed via internet.

  8. Loyster says:

    Oddly, I turned off my cable willingly 6 months ago…..and haven’t missed it. Netflix saves the day.

  9. little kj says:

    Since moving in with a cheap-skate roommate, I have not had cable for 7 months. And I’m not just talking supped-up cable — we have rabbit ears for crying out loud! For Christmas, said roommate got a plasma tv. One would think this was motivation to get cable of any sort. Nay, it was not. I feel your pain as I watch episodes of The Office through the fuzz of rabbit years.

    P.S. The deadline for KJ’s baby shower is upon us, and there is still a void next to your name. Are you in, or out? (a la Heidi Klum…)

  10. cogsy says:

    Sorry- I am out for the shower. I will be in Vegas. I totally forgot to RSVP!!

  11. Frank says:

    Comment on “Dinner Impossibble” :
    I hope you saw that the guy who stars on this show has been shit- canned for lying on his resume(for real). He said he cooked for a U.S. President and the Queen of England. Evidently it was more like the president of the Fuller Brush company and some drag queen out East.
    He will not be renewed when the season ends. Which brings me to that famous quote by the bard of Avon: “OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE ,WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE.”

  12. cogsy says:

    I did see that news regarding Robert Irvine. It made me wish I had never purchased that life-sized cut-out of him wearing only an apron. *sigh*

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