#66- Hot Young Talent


I attended the Kendall College Monday Night Dining Series.

Kendall College is a culinary school here in Chicago. The curriculum incorporates many real-life circumstances into the mix, which was how I was able to enjoy a delicious five course meal there tonight. The students’ assignment each Monday during the ten week course is to prepare the meal for paying public.

It was super fun, and I’d recommend it to any Chicagoans. Some of the students were awfully cute too.

Fun factor: 10


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Johanna says:

    What about the guests? Were they cute too?

  2. She-Doggs says:

    How cute were they? Do you think they were actually that cute or were folks just drawn to them because they were so obviously well raised. My goodness, their parents must be so proud.

  3. jfrank1529 says:

    Did you beau cook at it? Also, if you want to add something to your “to-do” list that is food oriented, come to the National restaurant association show in May, its a very odd world…

  4. cogsy says:

    Yes he did. What are the dates of the show? I will definitely try to make it!

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