#68- When life hands you lemons, clean your microwave.

I cleaned my microwave using a lemon.
Photo of microwave before cleaning below. I am fairly certain no one has ever shit-socked the microwave, although the photo would indicate otherwise.
The materials used are below. I thought it would be nice to use a bowl made for holding popcorn as the object to hold the lemon juice, adding a subtle level of irony to the project.
After cleaning:
See riveting step by step instructions here.
When I do these new things, I prefer it when they yield positive results, mostly so they appear less lame. I think the author of the Wikihow post exaggerated just a bit when h/she said, “Grab a soft dishcloth and wipe that microwave out with unparalleled ease.” Firstly, my microwave is positioned on a cart very low to the ground, so it wasn’t with much ease that I bended my fatass down to even begin the project. Secondly, the splattered crap glued to the walls of the microwave did not wipe off as easily as I had hoped.  I gave up when my legs started to cramp.
Fun factor: 4

6 thoughts on “#68- When life hands you lemons, clean your microwave.

  1. It’s the steam that loosens the crud. The lemons just make it smell nice. Put a wet kitchen towel in there and turn it on for a minute or two. Then use the towel to wipe it down. Caution: the towel is very hot.

  2. And my question is: Is fatass a word? Is it in the dictionary? Would it be OK to use in a game of scrabble? Is it one word..is it two? What say you, Shea?

  3. I have found heating water to boiling in a glass measuring cup loosens all the shit on the walls of the microwave and it’s very easy to clean. And as I microwave spaghetti sauce uncovered on a regular basis, you can imagine my surprise at well well this works. Also, the measuring cup (as opposed to the dishcloth) will help you keep from burning your hands (which I am also prone to).

  4. I mean this blog just keeps getting better and better…Molly Maid has nothing on you and you’re not a fat-ass(I prefer this version), you’re my little girl.

  5. Frank, would you mind turning the parental internet controls back on your computer in an attempt to keep Sheryl’s lame comments off this blog. “little girl”, seriously.

    Love you mama! 🙂

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