#73- Anyone know a good belt-clip guy?

I have this bad habit of losing my cell phone. I’ve had three in the past 6 months- a feat of which I am not proud.

[Cue my parents and sister posting belittling comments after reading this]

In any event, it happened again this weekend sometime in the 4 hours between standing in line to board the airplane home from Vegas and landing in Chicago. So, rather than fork over $200 for a new phone that I will lose while walking from my living room to the kitchen sometime in the next three weeks, I reactivated an old one. This proved to be a terrible solution, as I had forgotten the reason the old phone was out of commission was because it doesn’t take a charger.


So, I currently have an activated toy phone that won’t charge. I’m much too lazy to go to the Sprint store twice in one week, so an alternative solution was necessary.

I used Skype to make a phone call.

I called Johanna and we chatted about sustainable agriculture and rescuing puppies. The sound was clear, and if she had a webcam, we would have been able to chat while looking at one another. Signing up is free- you just have to download the application (took 5 minutes). They also give you your first call free, but make sure it’s to someone who you know will answer. (I called Nick and his voice mail picked up and it counted as my free call).

Fun factor: 8


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Loyster says:

    You may want to look into a support group.

  2. Frank says:

    I’m not one to miss a cue! Before you purchase another device, let me make a suggestion. If you get two empty soup cans and a rather long piece of string you will be in the communication business once again. Use a nail to make a hole in the bottom of each can and run the string through it and tie a knot. Leave one can at your house when you leave and trail the string behind you until you reach your destination. Presto: you have voice contact with the interested parties. One caveat though: this probably won’t work in China. There are so many Wings and Wongs there ,you will probably wing the wong number.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I am laughing so hard at Franks comment he pretty much stole the show on this one.

  4. Loyster says:

    Alright Frank – I’ll give it to you……..
    I’m laughing out loud.

    On a side note, I’d just like to know who exactly you call on your cell phone – because I don’t recall the phone ringing on this end from any of your 12 lost phones.

  5. cogsy says:

    I’m disappointed in you, Loyster. Do you not remember that lame joke from the last 30 years of your upbringing? Dad’s been watching those instructional comedy videos produced by Carrot Top again.

  6. Loyster says:

    Laughing at stupidity versus comedy are two very different things sister dear.

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