#79- Please refrain from selling these images for profit

Hey out there.  Sorry for neglecting you, cyber-world, but the blog was depressed and had its period.  It wanted to be left alone for a week or so.  I think it spent the majority of time surfing porn.  

In the mean time, I’ve been doing new things and I will update as fast as I can, including:

I found my “good side.”

It was an average week night of taking pics of myself on the webcam and manipulating them to look like Warhols.  I noticed one of my profiles was significantly more hideous than the other.  Wow.  It’s like the Seinfeld episode when Jerry dates the woman who is pretty in certain lights and heinous in others.  

Good Side:

Pondering the meaning of life


Bad side (taken right after I crapped my pants):

Oops I crapped my pants


Fun factor: 5


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    Are you sure you didn’t crap your pants on the good side also?

  2. cogsy says:

    It’s highly possible.

  3. sc says:

    I just want to know what you’re looking for, you
    look frantic.

  4. cogsy says:

    I think at that moment, I was looking for approval from my mother. I can never do enough to please her.

  5. Jonnyboy says:

    how very Andy Warhol of you…Love it…

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