#80- One Woman Show

I went to a fundraising event for work today, and:

I watched a woman act out a book.

When I heard this was the entertainment bit on the docket, I was less than enthused.  I enjoy theater and film, but this seemed like it had high potential to be lame.  

On the contrary, it was amazing.  I was entertained the entire time and it was a blast to watch.  The name of the performer was Barbara Rinella.  Apparently she is well known for her work on the North Shore of Chicago, but since she hasn’t been a part of any terrible reality TV nor has she appeared in US Weekly, I hadn’t heard of her.  She acted out this book and in the process of watching her, I learned a lot about Frank Lloyd Wright.  Which was nice.


Fun factor: 8


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    This is kind of interesting! I remember the fourth quarter of your senior year in high school. I ‘m pretty sure you acted out going through a whole quarter of classes. At least it appeared that way when I looked at your report card. So, does this “new” item really count? We’ll need a ruling.

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