#85- In Other News, Police Enjoy Exotic Kabobs at Neighborhood Block Party

You know those polls that your local news stations periodically put on the screen?  Who the hell actually votes in those?  Apparently I do.

I voted in a TV news poll.    

I’m not sure how widespread this news has been, but the other day, a cougar was loose in a neighborhood in Chicago.  And I’m not referring to your average North Shore mom coming downtown for a mani and pedi.  A real live wild animal, running loose through city intersections.  Some third party witnesses reported seeing the cat riding down Western Avenue in a rickshaw while smoking a cigarette. 

In any event, Chicago’s finest shot the cougar twelve times and killed it.  The poll on the news was asking “Do you think the police were justified in shooting the cougar?”  I responded via text with “no.”  I clearly realize it was a safety hazard to have a wild animal running through the streets, but aren’t there tranquilizers for this sort of thing?  


Fun factor: 5


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Johanna says:

    I don’t know about the bullet vs. traquilizer….but I DO know that the footage of Cops running through alleys was so funny I thought I was watching Reno 911.

  2. Frank says:

    I think there would be an obvious problem with the tranquilizer. Where would the cougar get a glass of water, and more importantly, I don’t think it would have enough dexterity in his paw to get the pill in its mouth without constantly dropping it. A 9 mm Glock seems to be the better option.

  3. cookinghussy says:

    Wow. I rarely watch local news, but last night I saw that when they flashed the question with the number and I thought to myself “who actually does that?” Apparently people like you.

  4. Loyster says:

    And our dad of all people would be the most versed in hand guns. “Glock”? You’re killing me.

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