#86- A lunch in the life of Cogs

One of the luxuries of my current job is my commute- or lack thereof.  I live insanely close to my place of employment.  I can literally leave my house at 7:58 to be at work at 8:00am.  

Living so close affords me the luxury of spending an entire lunch hour at home each day.  Some days I watch my soap, others I read a magazine.  I always eat.  But yesterday:

I grilled out over my lunch hour.  

The dogs sizzling:

Proof that we live in Chicago:

The product:  

It was so fun!  We just got a new grill and have already used it several times.  I associate grilling out with fun, friends and family- it has a social aspect to it in my mind, so it just seemed fun to be doing it on a break from work.  Then 1:00pm struck and I had to report back to the clink.  

Fun factor: 10


4 thoughts on “#86- A lunch in the life of Cogs

  1. Nice looking grill, nice looking grub! You are really doing a nice job with the attached pictures. I only have two questions : how did you get regular lemonade and pink lemonade out of one pitcher, and how long did it take to put the grill together?

  2. Frank mastered the art of putting together a grill that I received for my wedding. I believe it took him my entire honeymoon week. Still going strong to this day! Well done Frankie. Now if you could just bring over some steaks and a green twisty straw….that would be great.

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