#92- Resident Loser

There’s a newspaper in Chicago, The RedEye, that contains a daily Sodoku puzzle. Apparently the publication has been lucrative for the outfit, because they seem to have some extra cash laying around to pay a staff member whose title is “Resident Sodoku Ninja.” I imagine his cubicle is probably right next to the Resident Butthole Sniffer. This man does the Soduku puzzle every day and times himself. The challenge each day to the readers is to beat his time. I’ve never actually timed myself, so today:

I challenged the Sodoku Ninja’s time.

I’ve seen his times range from 3 to 18 minutes whenever I happen to check out this paper, but today it was an astonishing 59 minutes. The puzzle was rated with difficulty of 6 stars- another staggering number I’d never seen. I thought I would kick the SN’s ass, but instead I finished in 69 minutes. And then I spent the next 69 minutes being depressed that I had spent 69 minutes of my Sunday doing a Sodoku puzzle.

Fun factor: 6


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  1. Loyster says:

    There’s no arguing with that title.

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