#105- Don’t expect to find an eyelet-covered rock under your chair.

Ever since I started using Delicious, I have steadily been compiling a list of my favorite things. I figure if Oprah can broadcast a list of hers, then so can I. Sorry, no giveaways though, kids.

I compiled an Oprah-esque list of my favorite things.

  • This cute beverage holder. It would look cute filled with fresh lemon slices, ice, and lemonade at a cookout.
  • These would look fun in a kids’ room.
  • Why didn’t I think of this? Functional, yet aesthetically pleasing.
  • Another fun dish design.
  • These are adorable frames, and they are made using wood from Hurricane Katrina debris.
  • If you’re the last moron on Earth not to have a reusable shopping bag, then please purchase one of these.
  • For that salty-then-sweet lover in your life.
  • These are a good way to support the cause while still maintaining a sense of humor.
  • Agree with the caption on this one.
  • I love the painting on this wall.

And, no, unfortunately you can’t have the last 10 minutes of your life back.

Fun factor: 10


#104- Cheap Therapy

My co-worker put in another great suggestion for this blog- that I learn to read my palm, so:

I read my own palm.

I used this website to guide me.

My love line read that I give my heart away too easily, but I have a good handle on my emotions.  There was some “disappointment” indicated in this line, so Nick can expect a fight tonight. How dare he cause me this unknown disappointment that has resulted in smaller lines sticking out from below my heart line! I will not put up with that.

My head line indicated that I am creative and enjoy the taste of adventure, and have GREAT ENTHUSIASM FOR LIFE. It also showed that I have made momentous decisions in my life, probably a result of the time in eighth grade when I decided to stop stalking Olympic gymnast, Kim Zmeskal.  

My life line indicated that I’ll have a long, healthy life filled with vitality, and that I have tremendous strength and enthusiasm. It also shows that I’m good at recovering from bad situations, which I have already proven to my parents after I effectively shed the split personality I had developed in high school that they so lovingly named “Becky.”   According to this line, I also tend to waste energy. Go figure.

Fun Factor: 8

#103- Naming rights

We had visitors in town this weekend, and Brad got me started on reading his New Yorker magazines. I was particularly intrigued by the cartoon caption contest, so I looked into it a bit more online today, and:

I entered in the New Yorker cartoon caption contest.

My submission was “With all due respect, Officer, I must say that my friend Debbie sure has some good pot!”

As I haven’t read very much of their work, I’m not sure the New Yorker will appreciate this humor or find it offensive. The prize is a copy of the cartoon with the caption, signed by the artists who drew it. Here’s hoping.

Fun factor: 7

#102- Fine Dining

My roommate has a class 6 nights a week these days. I’m not sure how anyone expects me to eat without my live-in chef slaving away. I’ve been forced to cook, which would be fine if my creations didn’t taste like canine feces compared to his. Last night, I made this recipe and:

I was serenaded by the internet while I ate.

The Amateur Gourmet is a fun site- he’s gained such a following that he has a book out and I believe is on the Food Network for something or other. Anyways, this was a fun way to eat my din-din. I listened to it without seeing my computer so I didn’t know what was coming next. Eye of the Tiger was the crowd fave; during that number I high-fived myself and took a shot.

Fun factor: 7


I wished someone Happy Birthday through a blog. 

Let me tell you a little about my sister and frequent commenter, Loyster.

She has very curly hair.  She used to ingest a Hershey bar and can of Coke for breakfast almost everyday in High School.  She has worked at McDonald’s.  She loves to sing and has actually tried out for American Idol.  Simon thought she was a bit cabaret, so she didn’t make it onto the TV segments.  She has three children that I want to eat for breakfast because they’re so cute.  She worries a lot.  She is athletic.  She likes MTV reality shows.  She LOVES Christmas in an unhealthy way.  Most of all, she’s a great sister, mother, friend, daughter and human being!  Happy Birthday, Kelly!

Fun factor: 10

#100- Remarkably, the site is not yet pushing up daisies. Just ingesting them.

100th new thing!  Woo-hoo!  Never mind I should have hit this milestone 34 days ago.  To celebrate:

I ate a flower.

I’ve wanted to eat something non-traditional for this blog since I started.  My friend Emily and I made dinner for our friend Katie as a birthday present.  We also got her some flowers, and towards the end of the night we were discussing what a girl was to do for a blog entry these days.  

Insert flowers.  We tore off some daisy petals and I had myself a floral snack.  After the fact we researched it to ensure that it was a safe flower to ingest.  Then we spent a few minutes feeling nervous and weird that I had in fact eaten a poisonous flower, and I thought about how lame that eulogy would sound.

Fun factor: 5 

#99- A day off, of sorts

On Friday, we had a staff appreciation day at Navy Pier. It was fun to get out of the office despite the fact that it was 40 degrees. I spent my $5 allowance and:

I rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.

Actual live action shots coming soon-they are on a co-worker’s camera. Trust me, you’ll want to check back for those. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually ridden a Ferris Wheel at all, but certainly have not ridden this one. It’s got a spectacular view of the city from great angles and it was pretty fun. It’s $6 and the ride takes 7 minutes to complete. While you ride, the speaker system gives trivia about its infrastructure and other nuggets of information about the Pier.

It also got me thinking how much trust one places in Carnies when one does shit like this.

Fun factor: 7