#95- It’s going to be a long, unmemorable summer.

Sometimes the lack of postings on this blog is due to me tending to my various jobs and social life, but lately I’ve simply not been doing new stuff. I realized I need to step things up a bit around here, if for no other reason than I’m obsessed with looking at the stats page after every post.

It’s finally starting to get nice here in Chicago, which serves as a reminder that Mother Nature is a dirty tease. Most of the year she is bundled up in her wool trousers and frumpy turtlenecks, but once or twice during the months of March-June, she shows up wearing red nail polish, a low-cut tank and a mini skirt. During these times all we can do is ogle. And drink lots of margaritas. So:

I’ve started a margarita ranking system for Chicago establishments.

My first stop was El Barco Mariscos. Beware, their website may induce seizures. It’s a very fun place that is always crowded. In the summer they have a great side patio with outdoor seating. If you’re local, you should check it out.

The ranking system is based on a five point scale, with a “5” representing the good end of the scale.

-Taste: 3.5/ Size: 5 (the drink was as large as my abdomen)/ Strength: 3.5/ Atmosphere: 5/ Price: 3 (could be cheaper, but they are HUGE)/ Overall Score: 4

And, if it’s your birthday, you can get a FREE MARGI from using their website coupon. Come on now.

Fun factor: 10+


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristie says:

    My friends are heading to Chicago this summer – I’ll have to tell them about the margarita rankings.

  2. pbades says:

    For clarity’s sake did you mean:

    1) unmemorable

    not worth remembering

    2) immemorable

    Not memorable; not worth remembering.

    3) disrememberable

    adjective (and not really a word)
    to fail to remember; forget.

    4) I’m a jackass

  3. cogsy says:

    #4, fo sho.

  4. Sundance says:

    I guarantee the Sundance Margarita will top anything your pallet will come across up in SosaVille…..

    (…yet ANOTHER invite to come down here….)

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