#98- God Bless the Internet


A year or two ago I found out about the best thing online ever. Yes, I’m sure I was late on the trend, but nonetheless I embraced the hell out of it and still do. It’s a website that allows you to type in an artist or band and it will automatically generate similar music from its huge database; essentially you are creating radio stations for yourself that will play songs based on different artists. The best part is that it’s FREE. And the sign-up process is EASY.  It’s a fun thing to have in the background when you’re entertaining in lieu of developing a clever ipod playlist or *gasp* mixed CD.

In any event, I’m always listening to it and mean to buy one of the songs on itunes that I like and have never heard before. I never remember to do so. Until now:

I downloaded a song I heard from Pandora.

I am the proud owner of Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over by the Charlatans.

Fun factor: 7


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  1. nikkic says:

    i’m a newbie here on the comment section. but i need to confess that i’ve been using you as a guilty pleasure . . .i purposely don’t read the site for a week or so in order to overindulge all at once. i binge, really.
    but i’m highly entertained, sheamois.
    on the topic of this blog, pandora has been a favorite for a while. i can relate to your delight on this one.
    whew, confession feels good. now back to the grind.

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