#104- Cheap Therapy

My co-worker put in another great suggestion for this blog- that I learn to read my palm, so:

I read my own palm.

I used this website to guide me.

My love line read that I give my heart away too easily, but I have a good handle on my emotions.  There was some “disappointment” indicated in this line, so Nick can expect a fight tonight. How dare he cause me this unknown disappointment that has resulted in smaller lines sticking out from below my heart line! I will not put up with that.

My head line indicated that I am creative and enjoy the taste of adventure, and have GREAT ENTHUSIASM FOR LIFE. It also showed that I have made momentous decisions in my life, probably a result of the time in eighth grade when I decided to stop stalking Olympic gymnast, Kim Zmeskal.  

My life line indicated that I’ll have a long, healthy life filled with vitality, and that I have tremendous strength and enthusiasm. It also shows that I’m good at recovering from bad situations, which I have already proven to my parents after I effectively shed the split personality I had developed in high school that they so lovingly named “Becky.”   According to this line, I also tend to waste energy. Go figure.

Fun Factor: 8


3 thoughts on “#104- Cheap Therapy

  1. I think a lot of people were glad when you quit stalking Kim, some of those exuberant routines on our front lawn were getting downright embarassing…

  2. No wonder you were so good at palming the basketball when you played!
    It’s too bad you didn’t have this done on the Sunday before Easter.

  3. So, if I’m reading this correctly……….I’m on my 7th husband and should have died 12 years ago. Oh wait, I had some chocolate on my hand… let me start over.

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