I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. You know, the ones who get up and work out and complete meaningful tasks all before leaving for work at 7:00. I’m lucky if I dry my hair before I leave. So, for my new thing I:

Pretended to be a morning person.

I woke up an hour before I normally do and did some pilates, showered and got ready at a leisurely pace and enjoyed a breakfast and coffee while watching bad morning news shows. Proof!

While fun, I think I like sleep better.



As a guest blogger I decided to:

         Take a walk with my 87 yr old father-in-law.

My ‘other’ daughter thought it would be hilarious to ‘take’ me down to the high school track and take pictures as I ran a mile.  Funny as that may have been, I chose the calmer route.  It also looked like a good chance of rain, so I thought it would be cut short.


Bill & I before the walk.


When my father-in-law arrived in a wind breaker/raincoat (did I mention he ran his last marathon when he was 78 yrs old?!?), I knew he was in it for the long haul.   It was a nice muggy day.  As we rounded the corner the Walgreen’s scroll said it was 74 degrees, is that all?!?  I thought I had wiped my forehead 5 times in the last 4 blocks.  My father-in-law takes a couple of breaks on his route he told me, not because he’s short of breath, but he gets a nagging pain in his leg that after a 1 minute rest is miraculously better!  Where does he get his energy I wondered and then it hit me.  He has a pacemaker and a defibrillator.  I can’t compete with that!


All in all it was about 3 miles.  After my core temperature returned to normal I realized two things.  (1) I need to exercise (a lot!) and (2) I have missed out on some good times not following in his footsteps.

Thanks Bill.


Bill & I after the walk.


I was so honored when I was asked to be a guest blogger but I am a little nervous because my grammar and writing abilities will not even come close to the authors but here goes…
About four years ago my friend Katie and I witnessed my stepmom complete her first Sprint Triathlon. I think we might have been the loudest spectators, screaming encouraging words to her at every transition station. At one point we both looked at each other and were crying because some kid shouted out “I love you mom” as she ran by. I know, we are such losers. After the race I decided I wanted to do one too and told myself I would if it ever came to a city where I was living though I secretly wished it didn’t.
So on June 15, 2008…
I completed my first sprint triathlon.
Here are a few tips I learned from being a rookie:
1. Learn how to take your bike tire on and off or you may end up putting it on backwards.
2. Don’t forget your goggles or you will have to shamelessly go around asking random people for an extra pair.
3. Make sure you bike more than ten miles before the race. I know biking sounds easy but it isn’t after you have swam a half a mile.
4. Lastly, don’t forget to take off your helmet before you start your run because you will look like and idiot.
I have to say I rank this experience in my top ten. It feels pretty good to know you swam, bike and ran about 14 miles all before 9 AM.
Here is a picture for proof.

Casting Call

I will be heading to Europe for two weeks this Friday.  By popular demand, I am having guest bloggers take over the site while I’m gone in order to appease the hecklers.  Interested parties will do a new thing of their own choosing and write about it.  Pictures are of course encouraged, though not necessary.  Keep in mind this site is rated NC17.

If you want to take part in this, please leave a note in the comment box and we can work it out from there. 

Cheers! (just practicing)

#113- Sign me up

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to write about this exciting new thing since I signed up for it in March. I wanted to have a picture to lend clarity to the situation. The time has finally come.

I signed up for a CSA share.

I learned about Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) last year from my friend at work who has supplied endless amounts of fodder for this blog. Basically you sign up to buy a share of a farm’s (or several farms) bounty for the growing season. Folks from the farm will drop off the boxes of fruit, veggies and eggs to various pick-up sites throughout the city and BAM! You have fresh, organic produce each week! How fun is that? Another work friend and I split a full share so we will each pick up our share every other week.

I’ll be missing two weeks for my upcoming Eurobender, so it was my turn to start things off last night.

This is what I got.

Fun factor: 10+

#112- Cogsy the Grouch

Last week as I was walking down the alley to my house I noticed this:

The next day it was still there, so I took it and did this:

Moral of the story:

I went dumpster-diving.

Right now Nick is somewhere far, far away and cringing in mortification. There was really no diving involved, nor a dumpster, as the chair was simply resting next to the neighbor’s garbage cans. I cleaned it up and painted it. It’s a crime for a little wooden rocking chair to be so cute, no?

Now if I could just figure out what this nagging foaming of the mouth is…

Fun factor: 9

#112- The conundrums of DNA

When DNA deals one a face that some might say possesses a sort of perma-frown or scowl, one is often asked the following questions:

“What’s wrong?” or “Why are you so pissed?” or “Are you baked?”

Then one has to respond with a fake smile to appear halfway human and say, “No, nothing is wrong. I just have a face that doesn’t appear happy when it’s at rest.” The one inquiring then offers a half giggle and feels weird.

My mug just so happens to be one of these ambiguous faces, a trait for which I can thank my father, who hasn’t smiled since the Nixon administration.  With all these years of producing false grins, I imagined I would be able to know one when I saw one. So:

I tried to discern fake smiles from real ones.

I was reading my friend’s sister’s blog and she posted this link and I couldn’t wait to take this quiz. I got 13 out of 20 correct. It’s questionable whether or not some of the subjects just came from a meth lab, but fun nonetheless.

Fun factor: 10