#110- Let’s turn this body up a notch.

Last weekend I was at home and spent a lot of time with my sister’s three little ones.  As I’ve mentioned before, they are awesome.  But my fat ass gets really tired hanging out with them, even when I’m not participating in the actual act of playing, but just sitting on the sidelines shouting positive reinforcements.  Long story made short, my dad noticed my extreme lethargy and made a suggestion.  I can take a hint, er, a direct statement, so:

I started taking a multi-vitamin.

I’m so excited about this for some reason.  I have visions of becoming superhuman. 

Before you misfits go all incredulous on me that I’ve not done this before, I assure you that I haven’t taken vitamins since I was five, and that doesn’t count because, well, it just doesn’t.  I believe my sister and I overdosed on the Fred Flintstone vitamins because we liked the taste of them so much.  It’s a painful memory that I’ve repressed, but a doctors visit was involved.

Fun factor: surprisingly, 8


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  1. Loyster says:

    Oh, let me enlighten the crowd…..we were about eight and five??? We were candy-crazed children and in an act of desparation I climbed up onto the kitchen counter and opened up the Fred Flinstone vitamins. You and I then took turns picking characters and downing Pebbles and Bam Bam one by one. Later on I think I mentioned it to our mother on a whim and she flipped out and drove us to the Emergency Room……where you got Good Doc and I got Bad Doc. When asked how many we had eaten, I believe my response was “a lot”. We both had to get shots. AFTER I cried my brains out from my shot the doctor said, and I quote “If you wouldn’t have cried, I would have given you a sucker.”………..the eight-year-old tears resumed with the volume turned up……….

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