#112- The conundrums of DNA

When DNA deals one a face that some might say possesses a sort of perma-frown or scowl, one is often asked the following questions:

“What’s wrong?” or “Why are you so pissed?” or “Are you baked?”

Then one has to respond with a fake smile to appear halfway human and say, “No, nothing is wrong. I just have a face that doesn’t appear happy when it’s at rest.” The one inquiring then offers a half giggle and feels weird.

My mug just so happens to be one of these ambiguous faces, a trait for which I can thank my father, who hasn’t smiled since the Nixon administration.  With all these years of producing false grins, I imagined I would be able to know one when I saw one. So:

I tried to discern fake smiles from real ones.

I was reading my friend’s sister’s blog and she posted this link and I couldn’t wait to take this quiz. I got 13 out of 20 correct. It’s questionable whether or not some of the subjects just came from a meth lab, but fun nonetheless.

Fun factor: 10


7 Comments Add yours

  1. pbades says:

    15 out of 20!

  2. She-Doggs says:

    18/20. I knew it was the eyes.

  3. Loyster says:

    I too inherited the grimace gift. I remember being pulled to the side in practices being asked what was up with me and when I’d say “Why?”……it would be followed with “I didn’t like that look on your face.” I looked into masks for a few years……….

  4. Sheryl says:


  5. Loyster says:

    Did Frank forget to change the name to Sheryl – or did our mother really just use profanity?

  6. Frank says:

    No, that was a legitimate posting by that angry woman. But I digress. First off: who didn’t crack a smile when Nixon did his “Sock it to me” lines on Laugh-In? Secondly, your smile is just as pretty as Bea Arthur’s and Mike Tyson’s combined. Don’t sell yourself short. If we could bottle it, we could light up a thimble for about 2o seconds.

  7. Loyster says:

    Glad to see Frankie and Sheryl have recovered from their bouts with carpal tunnel and back at it.

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