#118- Hosed: Take 2

I promise you we didn’t ONLY do things strictly manufactured for tourists on the trip, but this entry won’t do much to convince you.

I took a double decker bus tour.


We hopped on after completing our tour of the Guinness Factory; I in my Nike Air Max sneakers and fanny pack, and Emily holding a foam Guinness mug and wearing a ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ sweatshirt. The tour itself was uneventful.  We could hop on and off at any of the various stopping points.  The real magic happened when we were yet again ripped off by a townie.  The driver, conveniently named Patty, charged us ten more Euro than the actual price, and when confronted by Emily he insisted that we wouldn’t do that to us.  Tell that to my five year old nephew is now out a leprechaun figurine, Patty.


Fun factor: 5


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jfrank1529 says:

    For hating crowds, much like your father who takes Lake Road the Jacobs Field and Browns Stadium, I’m surprised you got on that death trap.

  2. Frank says:

    Again ,a problem with homonyms. The bus said Dublin, as in the city; not doubling , as in your money.

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