#120- Melee

During our first stay in London, the Euro Cup was still going on, so we decided to grab some grub and then head to a pub for the Spain vs. Italy game. We had passed Little Italy on our walk, and every bar was overflowing with humans, so we were a bit nervous about finding a place. We came upon an unassuming little place in Soho. We ended up getting the last seat in the top level, where they were showing the game on a big screen. It was a super fun scene and by the end Emily almost passed out because of how crowded it was. I was hoping she’d wait until the game was over to faint, but was fairly prepared to leave if she gave the signal. So,

I watched a football match with the locals.

You know how when you see the European soccer (football) games on TV, you can almost feel the crowd because they’re so loud and into it? Well, that’s no joke.

A short video on the mayhem that followed the win. Keep in mind, Spain won, and the bar was mostly filled with Italian fans. I hadn’t felt that alive since eighth grade when I went to the Janet Jackson concert at Blossom with Kim Horton and her dad.

Fun factor: 10+


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    Today is 8/1/08 and I waited a long time to see if anyone would comment on this posting. It totally reinforces my belief that nobody gives a shit about soccer(and rightly so).

  2. Kim (Horton) Wilgus says:

    I’m just excited that my name was used in your blog!!! Holy Crap, I completely forgot about when we went to the Janet concert!

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