#121- R.I.P.


While in Glasgow, we took a day trip that involved seeing lots of the countryside and western highlands and some fishing villages.  One of the stops, the village of Luss, was an adorable quaint cutie-pie of a town, built around Loch Lomand.  Side note: did you know that Scotland has over 30,000 lochs (loch= lake in case you were unaware)?  That’s a shitload, huh?  Back to the entry at hand.  In Luss, there was a very old tiny church and in its backyard lived lots of history, and:

I visited a Viking graveyard.


It was quite beautiful, but we were reminded of the terror that the Vikings brought to the Scots so many years ago by our tour guide, Billy.  Emily and I developed a bit of an obsession crush on Bill, and at one point he asked if there were any Norwegians aboard the tour.  The shy couple to my right raised their hands with excitement.  He looked at them and said perhaps we ought to pull over the bus at the next village so they could apologize to its residents.


Fun factor: 10


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    Did you try the charcoal and paper rub on the gravestones? Those stones look cool

  2. Frank says:

    It’s a good things your relatives from Minnesota weren’t on the bus. They would have kicked that Billy guy’s ass!

  3. Sheryl says:

    So I guess Leaf Mountain Cemetery will be a high point on your next trip to Minnesota. Ione can bring the charcoal.

  4. pbades says:

    Did Billy then offer to travel the world apologizing for all the crap the British Empire has done since Scotland has been a part of the UK?

  5. cogsy says:

    You bring such an air of lightheartedness to the comment section of this blog, pbades.

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