#122- Advantage Cogsy

While in London,

I went to Wimbledon.

Emily and I packed a picnic lunch, took the 120 degree train to the Southfield stop, and planned to relax in a park to watch some tennis on the community big screen.  We stopped to ask a traffic guide for directions, and next thing you know we were heading to the queue to go inside the grounds.  For $20 we were able to see any court aside from the big dogs- 1, 2 and centre.  It didn’t matter- it was still an unbelievable scene. We plopped down on one of the benches and watched a few matches.  When the second one ended, we discovered that we were watching the juniors.  Think that’s funny?  Well guess who can say that she’s seen that one Australian dude play tennis back in ’08 when he’s strung out on uppers in five years?  Me.  


Fun factor: 10+


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    Did you get any strawberries with cream? I thought that was the tradition.

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