#127-Two Four Six Eight…

Last time I visited home there were talks of a human pyramid to be performed for the good of the blog. Some felt the audience needed to read/see more human stunts.  Unfortunately I was surrounded by a lot of chicken shit losers.  I vowed to myself that the next time I had between 5-7 humans at my disposal, I would conquer this feat.

I participated in a human pyramid.

Let’s take a look at the results, shall we?

Attempt #1: We’ve got some amateurs that don’t understand the idea of pyramid formation.  A squad leader is called in to try to facilitate the positioning.

The foundation crumbles: 

Attempt #2: The second row participants now realize they are up off the ground and parallel to one another, which makes for ideal conditions to wrestle and/or strangle each other.  More notably, our cake topper, all 21 pounds of her, has somehow given the squad leader a ball shot strong enough to bring him down.

Crying ensues.  During the chaos looters were spotted hauling away Oreos and a Ratatouille DVD.

Fun factor: 10


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