#136- I’m the one on the ledge…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about finances, which isn’t super fun if you’re not blessed with frugal genes.  I do however, have plenty of jeans.

I wondered: just how bad can it be?  So:

I figured out my net worth.

I signed up for an account (ironically, it’s free) here.  You can manage your overall net worth from month to month as you pay off debt or increase assets.  I read a lot of financial blogs, and often the folks use this service to post each month discussing the updates to their net worth.  It’s pretty interesting, and it’s a fairly easy way to see the overall picture.

Fun factor: 6


#135- Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

I went to a wedding last weekend, and courtesy of Johanna,

I got a lesson in applying make-up.

During the session. Please ignore the fact that my hair resembles Sonic the Hedgehog.

The end product:

Jo’s make-up always looks flawless, although I’m sure it helps when you’re starting with porcelain skin.  I’ve shared tips with the gals between pillow fights and bra freezings, but never have I had an elaborate “how-to.”  I loved the end product so much that I want to go out and buy all of the components.  To anyone who is worried-don’t worry, the dream of getting my make up applied at a department store counter one day has not died with this new knowledge.   I will persevere.

Fun factor: 10

#134- Is this how Dwayne Johnson made his name?

A few years ago I noticed a trend in airports in the southern United States- rocking chairs that lined the gate areas for our use in resting our tired traveling booties.  My mind always conjured an image of sitting on a veranda in Savannah (never been there), sipping on sweet tea and talking about the good old days when only girls wore earrings, dammit!  Suddenly years later, all airports have them. People seem to dig ’em, and today I joined in the good times:

I sat on a rocking chair in the airport. 

I hope you appreciate the photographic evidence supplied on this one b/c everyone in the vicinity was wondering why the creepy girl in the rocking chair was taking birds-eye photographs of herself.  

I set up shop and plugged in my computer, did some work, ate a muffin, drank a pop and rocked.  True story.  

Fun factor: 10

#133- Old School

My sister recommended this new thing in the planning stages of this whole endeavor. It made me giggle.

I made a pineapple upside down cake.

You may have thought these cakes were extinct and only viewed through tattered ancient Betty Crocker cook books. Oh no. They are very much alive. I had a bit of an issue taking it out of the pan during the “flip”, but for the most part I was happy with it.  I used this recipe.

Fun factor: 8

#131- Street Humor

While in Edinburgh, I walked by a goofy looking 12 year-old kid who seemed to be setting up shop on right on the street. I stopped to gauge the situation. He didn’t have any audience as of yet, but was yelling advertisements like “come to the greatest show on Earth, ladies and gentlemen!” I’m the kind of sucker who is so curious as to what street performers will do, that I always end up devoting far too much time, often sticking around to see the finale, and am always disappointed. So,

I watched a child’s street performance.

I didn’t stay to the end because Emily and I were starving, but I did stay long enough to know this kid was hilarious. He was juggling bowling pins (his juggling skills less than average) and his sharp tongue was hilarious. At one point a middle-aged woman left the scene, and he was yelling at her to stay. After no response, he looked at the rest of us and said, “Ah, you can’t blame her. She’s not used to a man who can perform longer than 5 minutes.” 12 years old.

Fun factor: 8

#130- Julia Child minus the Julia

This weekend,

I baked brownies with a three year-old.

I was supposed to be on a girls’ trip this past weekend, but got sick. This left time for many activities, including the previously mentioned mani/pedi (see #129). That same client didn’t seem to be as exhausted as I was after our beauty session, so we moved on to the next activity which was baking brownies. This particular three year old LOVES to eat. I have proof of this and the actual brownie making below:

Fun factor: 10+