#130- Julia Child minus the Julia


This weekend,

I baked brownies with a three year-old.

I was supposed to be on a girls’ trip this past weekend, but got sick. This left time for many activities, including the previously mentioned mani/pedi (see #129). That same client didn’t seem to be as exhausted as I was after our beauty session, so we moved on to the next activity which was baking brownies. This particular three year old LOVES to eat. I have proof of this and the actual brownie making below:

Fun factor: 10+


8 Comments Add yours

  1. sarah says:

    I think this child is so cute because of her cool name.

  2. Loyster says:

    Where’s the proof?

  3. cogsy says:

    In the verbal response.

  4. Loyster says:

    What are you talking about? Is there a link or something, video?

  5. betsy says:

    Great video!
    Is this a foster child of yours and Nick’s these days?
    Absolutely love d her cupake answer and Thank God you answered the phone ringing, I mean you were chatting with her for 35 seconds-could she expect any more time from you??
    Hope you are well!

  6. Abby says:

    ok cutest video ever.
    love her.
    and can’t believe you were in cleveland over the weekend. i was hanging with all sorts of avon lakers. you would have been proud.

  7. cogsy says:

    Boober- it was my agent on the phone, okay? Cut me some slack.

  8. Bomber says:

    I love mini-Shea (aka Sarah)

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