Dear Readers,

I am sorry for the recent lack of postings. The main reason I haven’t been posting is because I suck. And although my head is gigantic in size, my brain capacity is fairly minute, which is hindering my ability to think of realistic new things for me to do.  I long for the days when ideas for this blog flowed freely and beautifully.  Please help by submitting new ideas in the comments section.


Shit for Brains


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Loyster says:

    Dear Shit for Brains:

    You have four new things from the weekend that you need to post: pedicures, bike ride on granny bike with nephew, purchased back-to-school clothes for someone other than yourself, and watched The Bee Movie.

    If you would get the shit out of your brain and back into the toilet, your readership would appreciate it.

    And for god sake, quit embarrassing me.


  2. Johanna says:

    “Like a real divorce?….ok, well, keep on truckin.”

  3. Abby says:

    i’m gonna keep waiting for you to do a rendition of lady marmalade posted on youtube.
    btw – johanna – i’m glad you thought that video was funny too – i knew i could count on you!

  4. Loyster says:

    As for new ideas:

    -Juggle cooking utensils
    -Wear a shirt backwards all day
    -Mold something out of butter
    -Set up an obstacle course in your apt
    -Make up your own card game
    -Play indoor homerun derby w/ yard sticks & masking tape balls

  5. Bomber says:

    PLEASE set up the at home obstacle course. did that in college and i am still enjoying the memory.

  6. carly says:

    I would like to see you be a tourist in your own city. preferably an asian one.

  7. Suri says:

    Gasp, I’ve used my gmail account. This crossover process will likely take years, but here’s the first step. With that said, here are my suggestions for new things:
    *Make graffitti (on legitimate surfaces or you may get arrested which could be something new?)
    *Learn to play a new card game (3 player euchre?)
    *Walk around blind folded for a couple hours with a guide
    *Be active all day long….could the Cugsy rise to this challege?

  8. Suri says:

    I used the wrong email address…oops. See I told you it would be years… This is the right one….

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