#134- Is this how Dwayne Johnson made his name?

A few years ago I noticed a trend in airports in the southern United States- rocking chairs that lined the gate areas for our use in resting our tired traveling booties.  My mind always conjured an image of sitting on a veranda in Savannah (never been there), sipping on sweet tea and talking about the good old days when only girls wore earrings, dammit!  Suddenly years later, all airports have them. People seem to dig ’em, and today I joined in the good times:

I sat on a rocking chair in the airport. 

I hope you appreciate the photographic evidence supplied on this one b/c everyone in the vicinity was wondering why the creepy girl in the rocking chair was taking birds-eye photographs of herself.  

I set up shop and plugged in my computer, did some work, ate a muffin, drank a pop and rocked.  True story.  

Fun factor: 10


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  1. carly says:

    I don’t know if this is in all southern airports…but Nashville’s airport has a defibrillator with a plaque next to it noting that it was donated by the Billy Ray Cyrus Foundation for your “achy breaky heart”. it’s no rocking chair, but still pretty great.

  2. cogsy says:

    Who knew when he donated that life-saving device that he would reinvent himself to the American public as a ubiquitous Joe Simpson type, trading in the mullet for a greasy do and crotch-hugging pants.

  3. kc77 says:

    I believe that’s what one would call a “crotch shot”.

  4. Johanna says:

    A muffin and a pop??

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