#144- A little inspiration with the morning coffee…

Sometimes I get really caught up in all of the things on my to-do list, other peoples’ problems and just general stress.  It’s easy to plan a night of relaxation or tell myself that I’ll go exercise to relieve some stress, but the activities that are good for me are more often the ones that get blown off.  The point is, I, like most people, can all use a little life inspiration now and again.  

I signed up to Live Inspired. 

A friend of mine from college has started this business with his buddy and I must admit, at first glance, I wasn’t all that interested.  For a tiny fee, you sign up to receive an inspiring/motivational text message each day.  Tonight I took a second look and realized that as often as I use my cell phone and stare at my computer screen, it might be nice to see something motivational and inspiring on one of those screens.  I chose Motivational Mojo to talk to me everyday.  Wish me luck.

Fun Factor: 7


#142- Mini Mes


I found out how many people in the U.S. have my name.  

According to the site, there are “one or fewer people” with my name in the country! Sweet.

You can find out for your own name, here. 

One of my dad’s lame jokes is actually somewhat usable in this situation…

Me: I’m really glad my parents named me Shea.  

Friend: Why?

Me: Because that’s what everyone calls me!


Fun factor: 7

#141- Coming soon to a Four Seasons near you.

Tonight I am sitting at home relaxing.  Nothing planned, not too many immediate stresses.  We have no beer or drinkable wine in the house, so how about a cocktail?  With virtually no liquid mixers, I was forced to be creative.

I invented a cocktail.

The epicurean ingredients:

The end product:

RECIPE: one shot cheap vodka, 6 oz. water, 2 teaspoons Country Time dry lemonade mix, a pinch of desperation, a dash of maraschino cherry juice (from jar), 3 maraschino cherries.  Mix.  Drink.  Wince.  Wish you had friends. 

Fun factor: 8

#140- The Dark Night

Last night I worked at my waitressing job, because I love being a waitress and working numerous jobs. In any event, last night was a first as:

I served tables with no electricity.

There was some sort of power outage for a few of the blocks surrounding the restaurant, and for most of the night the power company was able to allow us to run on half power, which managed to make us feel more cozy than anything.  Our stove tops are gas, so the guys were able to keep cooking.  Then the entire place went black for a while.  My clients and I amused ourselves by channeling Bloody Mary through the bathroom mirrors.  I can’t be certain but at one point I think I spotted a looter behind the counter chugging Pellegrino.

Fun factor: 4

#138- Saving myself from eternal damnation one book at a time

My dad has been known to send me newspaper clippings, letters, “holiday cash” and other random things in the mail.  This week was a first- he sent me a chain mail letter, so:

I took part in a book exchange via snail mail. 

Thanks, Frank.  I had instructions to send to one of my dad’s friends a paperback that I have read.  I hope Bob enjoys his copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day.  I also sent my dad a copy of Proctology for Dummies.

Here’s the chain mail note:

Note my father’s personal note reads: “Just do it you big baby!” Such an encouraging voice he has.  If you find yourself squinting- it’s not an illusion- it’s written in hieroglyphics.


Fun factor: 5